As Stillpointe’s thirteenth year approaches I sit and reflect back on how it has manifested. This brings to me a heart full of gratitude and humility. Stillpointe Wellness Center has developed through hard work, financial commitment, and many generous friends who share this vision of creating a sacred place where our community can come and enjoy a safe space to learn how to get well and stay well, to be well. Looking toward the continued growth and amazing services and benefits offered here we are called tonight. We can all testify by our presence here that an open-heart gives easily and unconditionally when there is a mission and purpose that we feel passionately about. 

Many people have inspired me as I began this adventure, Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi, at the top of the list. They have taught me that no one has the right to ask another to do or give what the asker is not willing to do or give. The times when I am tired and frightful, I have merely to reflect on their example and I feel sustained. I am also humbled to have been blessed with the many friends who inspire, encourage and support me. I know without your generosity this would be moving a lot slower. If you would recall the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, maybe it was encouragement from the hare that kept the tortoise moving forward! 
To review what has happened since 2006; I was inspired; I carefully use the phrase, received an epiphany; to create Stillpointe Wellness Center. A center offering therapies and education to uplift the soul and encourage action, supporting wellness of body, mind and spirit. Five years later we offered: 9 massage therapists, Intuitive Therapy, Chiropractic, Thermography, Real Health Nutrition-Certified Nutrition Consultant, Professional Life Coach, Yoga studio, Sound Therapy, LSW-outreach, RN-focusing on breast health, We had the beginning of an Organic garden, specialized programs, many free of charge, as well as plans for retreats. Now we are awakening from hibernation and experiencing a transformation as we enter 2021, influenced by the COVID pandemic, and are metamorphosing into the next era of Stillpointe Wellness Center. Currently we offer massage and aesthetician services, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Thermography, and other alternative therapies. Preserving of the farmland to conserve and create added services is in the vision. The heritage farm, now known as Elysian Farm and Herb Garden, is under the stewardship of Belinda and Philip Sigstad. I am so grateful for this collaboration as we envision together the sanctuary it will become.

May I bear testimony that my decision was taken and is followed not so much to be a “do-gooder”, but for my own peace of mind and well-being. I know with all my heart that human happiness can best be found by giving of oneself in service of others. As long as the motive for that giving rests in the love of the God that created me, I receive guidance and support from the Source from which I came. I believe to counteract the effects of our turbulent conditions; everyone of goodwill must dedicate himself or herself to something in such a way that life is improved by the efforts expended. It doesn’t really matter if these efforts are visible or measurable by society but rather that we give our best to try. 

I have always loved the quote by President J.F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.” Substitute the word country with God, neighbor, family, community, and we have a working guideline for creating a better place to exist. 

I have a reminder from Amelia Earhart, “Everyone has oceans to fly as long as you have heart to do it. Reckless? Maybe, but what do dreams know of boundaries? I think about the hands I’ve held, the places I’ve seen, the vast lands whose dirt is caked on the bottoms of my shoes. The world has changed me.” AE 
Indeed the world and its people have changed me. Through all my good times as well as the challenging times, I have become a better lover of humanity and a stronger fighter for the right, and so much more tenderhearted toward those less fortunate. 

Because of my convictions to help create a safer, more secure environment for our community; I follow the dictates of my conscience to work to the limits of my strength and finances. 

Thank-you for your unending and unlimited love and support for Stillpointe and me. If what we do can help even one person to find purpose in life or help any individual better understand the meaning of this life or help one Soul remember who they are in the Divine scheme of things, I feel we can rest in peace and have delicious dreams. To act without expectancy, but from a sweet feeling of doing God’s work. It comes from that place of the heart where goodness dwells, from that underground river that flows through all of us. If we dig down we find a river of loving-kindness, equanimity, gentleness, integrity, patience, and tolerance. If we act from that place it will bubble and spring forth joy and contentment. 

This is my experience and therefore my Truth. 
May I have the courage and strength to live it and speak it! 
May you have the courage and strength to live and speak your truth! 
Thank-you for your love and light! 

Jan Rule since 1953